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We are a famous Russian company that specializes on cruises around Russia. Since 2000 we have been providing high quality services and continually improving our work to make cruises comfortable and unforgettable for our tourists. The main principle of our work is "Every client is not just a tourist, it is our dear guest, for whom we provide only the best services".

In the office of our company you can always get the detailed information about your tour. You can also contact us in any convenient way. Our managers will advise you and find the most appropriate tour. We value our customers. You will NEVER be offered an unverified or overpriced tour.

Our company offers a full support on the territory of the Russian Federation. We are always happy to help you and answer all your questions.

Our documents and licenses you can find here.

If you are in doubt about ordering of the tour, please contact us or visit our Facebook page to read the reviews of our clients.


The Silk Road
Moscow – Volgograd – Starocherkassk – Yeysk – Azov – Rostov-on-Don – Konstantinovsk – Illivka – Astrakhan (Elista) – Caspian seashore – Astrakhan – Volgograd – Moscow

Learn about the famous trade road, The Silk Road, during our amazing cruise! What's more, you will visit the unique Buddhist temple in Elista, plenty of important historic places in Astrakhan, Mamayev Kurgan etc. The end of this cruise is in the heart of Russia – Moscow, that is full of must see sights!

A group of Chinese tourists is forming on this cruise!

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In the vast expanses of Russia
Samara - Kazan - Cheboksary - Nizhny Novgorod (Semyonov) - Gorodets - Yaroslavl (Rostov) - Uglich (Solba) - Dubna-Moscow

The tour starts in Kazan where you will see its citadel, which was declared a World Heritage Site, the Holy Dormition Convent on Zilant Hill that was founded by Ivan the Terrible and many others. Your route will pass through the cities with a great history and fascinating landscapes that will take your breath away. The end of the tour is in Moscow, a Russian center of culture and arts.

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From the White Sea with love
Moscow – Uglich - Myshkin - Vesyegonsk (Ustyuzhna, Bezhetsk) – Goritsy - Kizhi - the Solovetsky Islands (2 days, Anzersky Island, Kuzova Archipelago, Bolshoi Zayatsky Island) – Kiy Island - Sosnowiec - Povenets (Medvezhyegorsk) - Svirstroy – Lodeynoye Pole - Valaam – Konevets - St. Petersburg

An unforgettable cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg via the Solovetsky Islands! During this tour you will visit several islands with fascinating views, beautiful monasteries and convents, you will see The White Sea Petroglyphs, taste delicious wine and finally visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world – St. Petersburg and its world famous sights

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Down the Volga river
Astrakhan - Volgograd - Saratov - Samara - Ulyanovsk - Cheboksary - Nizhny Novgorod (Semyonov) - Gorodets - Yaroslavl (Rostov) - Uglich (Solba) - Dubna - Moscow

This tour is a great opportunity to visit the historical highlights of Russia. Mamayev Kurgan, House-museum of V.I.Lenin, a wide variety of museums, monasteries and convents, beautiful old streets and new modern buildings, all of this will help you to make a deep dive into Russian history: from the past till our days.

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To the White Sea
St. Petersburg - Fortress Oreshek - Kizhi-Sosnovets - Solovetsky Archipelago (3 days O. Anzer, Body, O. Zayatsky) -Povenets (Medvezhyegorsk) - Svirstroy-Staraya Ladoga (Tikhvin, Shlisselburg, V. Novgorod) - St. Petersburg

If you want to plunge into the ancient history of Russia, this tour is for you! Pagan sanctuaries, archaeological complex "The White Sea petroglyphs", that is the largest accumulation of rock pictures left by the ancient people, the Cape of labyrinths and many others. The tour starts and ends in St. Petersburg, a so-called the "Venice of the North", its world-famous sights will probably win your heart.

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The Russian North
Moscow - Dubna - Uglich - Kuzino - Goritsy - Kizhi - Solovetsky Archipelago (2 days O. Anzer, Body, O. Zayatsky) - Arkhangelsk (2 days Small Korely, Kholmogory, Severodvinsk) - Sosnovets - Povenets (Medvezhegorsk) - Myshkin - Moscow

Discover the wonders of the great cities! Sergiyev Posad with the famous Trinity Lavra, Uglich, the city that was set on fire several times and rebuilt to become a place of interest for tourists, Arkhangelsk and the village Lomonosovo, Medvezhyegorsk and it is only a small part of this tour! The tour also includes a 2 Day excursion to the Solovetsky Islands that play a special role in the Russian history.

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Oh, Wonderful Island Valaam
Moscow - Uglich - Goritsy - Petrozavodsk (Kivach, Kondopoga) - Kizhi - Valaam - St. Petersburg (Peterhof, Kronstadt) - Oreshek Fortress - Staraya Ladoga (Tikhvin, Shlisselburg) - Svirstroy - Myshkin - Moscow

Experience the highlights of Russia! This tour includes the main sights of St. Petersburg, a sightseeing tour around Uglich, Petrozavodsk, Staraya Ladoga, a splendid view of the Kivach Falls, a unique open-air museum of wooden architecture in Kizhi and other excursions that will help you to relax and enjoy the beauty of Russia.

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Cruise ship «Grand Rus»

MS «Grand Rus» 4* is a three-deck vessel built in Perm in 2013. It is equipped with the latest technology: modern navigation devices, fire safety and transport safety systems etc. This sea-river mixed-navigation motor ship that can be compared to a 4* hotel will make a cruise comfortable for tourists. Our ship is specially designed for long voyages.
Ship facilities
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Conference hall
  • Dance floor
  • Recreation area
  • Medical room
  • Ironing room
Categories of cabins
  • Deluxe
  • Semi-luxe
  • Single-berth
  • Double-berth
  • Triple-berth
All cabins are equipped with a wardrobe, air-conditioning, hair-dryer, TV-set, telephone and 220-volt sockets. Cabins on the middle and boat decks also have a refrigerator. Please note all cabins have private shower and toilet facilities.
MS «Grand Rus»
MS «Grand Rus»
The cooks of our motor ship are glad to offer you a great variety of delicious food onboard. A smorgasbord includes traditional Russian food and dishes from European cuisine. Different types of hors d'oeuvres, salads, meat, fish, garnishes, soups, desserts of high-quality will satisfy even a picky eater. There is also a wide variety of hot, cold and alcoholic drinks.

If you are a vegetarian or on a strict diet, our cooks will be happy to create a menu for you. If you have any concerns regarding food, please ask your travel consultant when making a booking.
MS «Grand Rus»
  • Airport meet and greet services
  • Transfer service from/to the airport
  • An English-speaking guide/interpreter who accompanies the tourists during the whole cruise
  • Help with buying tickets
MS «Grand Rus»
Maroseyka str., 9/2, p.1, entrance 2, floor 3, of.6 / 5
Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

Licenses to transport passengers (on the Russian site) see here
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